Drone Training Courses

Held in Motherwell, ICARUS, the UK's leading training provider, is here to guide you every step of the way on your journey to gaining your Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) and becoming an aerial operations specialist.

Join our 2 day Standard or 3 day Professional course and set yourself apart from other commercial operators in the industry.

Over 20 years of military aviation experience and thousands of hours of manned flight time have gone into making this the go-to course for aspiring pilots in the drone industry.

See our training page for a breakdown on what you need to do to gain your PfCO and what you can expect from our courses.
About Us

We hold a full, varied permission from the CAA that allows us to fly sub 7kg drones in the UK's airspace by day and by night.

Fully insured with a minimum of £2 mil public liability*, you can rest assured that you're in good hands.

Fully accredited by the CAA to offer both theory and flight training on drone aircraft. We deliver the Standard, Professional and Night rating courses for the ICARUS commercial drone operators course.

With over 20 years in military aviation we have the experience and credibility to deliver a professional service that can be tailored to your needs

* Can be increased as necessary

Flight Training

Are you thinking of buying a drone? Whether it's for commercial purposes or just for fun they can be a bit daunting, not to mention expensive. So why not let us help you get to grips with your new aircraft? Come and learn all about drones with our one-to-one training and fly our dual control aircraft before buying your own.

The course covers:

  • Intro to CAA Legislation, Permissions and Insurance
  • Flight logging
  • Health & Safety / Risk Assessment awareness
  • Calibrating your aircraft
  • Aircraft maintenance, pre & post flight checks
  • LiPo batteries intro and handling
  • DJI Go / Go4 operation and flight modes
  • Flight controls, take off and landing
  • Emergency handling
  • 3rd party apps
  • Approx 45 minutes flying on our dual control aircraft (weather dependent)
  • A PDF containing all the relevant information you need to fly safely

The course is held at an approved location, but we can make arrangements to come to you if required.

First session - 2 hours @ £150 (plus travel expenses if required). £80 per hour thereafter


"I recently contacted Blue Giraffe to get overhead pictures of a private house and land. Jamie Allen from the company fully explained the process of how the images were taken and kept in regular contact prior to the day the images were shot. The professionalism of the company and service was first class. The images taken from various heights and angles were fantastic. The clarity of them are outstanding. Jamie understood what I was looking for and he captured these and many additional ones beautifully. Thank you"

"Blue giraffe imaging did a fantastic job on my son's wedding at Lodge on the Loch at Loch Lomond, the aerial shots were stunning, they absolutely loved their wee extra present. Also Jamie did an excellent job on a music video for me. Highly recommended. Great work."

"Had the pleasure of working with Jamie @ BGI. His expertise and customer service was second to none.He worked fast and efficiently to meet my almost impossible deadline! The video was ready within 24hrs of filming! The equipment Jamie uses is top notch and would be great for weddings and special occasions. Thanks again!"

Filming and Photography

Using our aircraft we are able to capture high quality images and film from really unique angles and put that extra special touch to your video. Whether it's a wedding, sporting event or a promotional video for your business, we can help make it stand out from the crowd.

We use both air and ground cameras to get all the footage we need and, using our in-house editing suite, we can produce the finished product in quick time. And, as we don't use third parties, any changes can be done within a couple of days, so the final product will be just as you want it.

Call us for a chat and we'll tailor a package to suit your needs, and all at reasonable prices. Talking doesn't cost anything, so what have you got to lose? Safety is our primary focus on every job. All our flights are fully planned, briefed and risk assessed, so if there are any problems we can highlight them early on. We liaise with the air traffic service as well as the police, if required, and land owners to ensure there'll be no interruptions on the day. As with any professional drone operator, our PfCO, Operations Manual and Insurance are available for viewing and a planning pack will be available if you wish to look through it.

Property Listings
From £150 per property

The best way to sell your house is to use pictures. People always look at the photos first, so what better way to help them visualise themselves in a new home than with a short, high def video of the property from the air as well as the interior? Aerial videos are becoming more popular with estate agents and customers as they highlight the best features of the house and also give you a feel for the setting. After all, location, location, location.

We will work with you to get the best visuals of your property and present a brief 30 sec intro to the house and a full 1-2 minute video to show off more detail.

Unfortunately some properties won't be able to be covered due to location. Proximity to roads and other house can be an issue due to current legislation, but we'll explain all of that before we agree anything.

Please be aware that anyone flying a drone for an estate agent, or any commercial operation, requires a permission from the CAA. Make sure your drone operator has all the necessary documents before hiring them.

Surveying & Inspections

Drones are quickly becoming the preferred solution for carrying out inspections on properties, factories and infrastructure as well as surveying large or dangerous areas due to their efficiency, improved safety and speed of deployment.

By using UAVs companies can eliminate the risks presented by manual working at height, thus greatly improving their safety outcomes. Our drones can cover large areas or long distances in a single flight capturing 4K HD video or high-res photos. The data can then be stored for comparison inspections at a later date, or downloaded on-site for quicker assessment. We can even display the data as detailed 3D models or high-res orthomosaic maps to help you better visualise your projects.

Filling the gap between ground based and manned aircraft we can fly up to 400ft to gather the required data and present the data to your specifications. For example, in the wind turbine sector we can cover multiple turbines in a single flight, allowing us to cover a whole wind farm in a single day. And in the property market there's no better way to show off the features of your house than from the air. Estate agents are increasingly utilising this technology to improve their conversion rates and making more profitable sales.

There's no better way of gathering high quality, detailed data, than using aerial drones in your surveys.

Why not give us a call? We're more than happy to chat through the benefits of using drones and to tailor a bespoke package for your project.

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