The DJI Air 2S Joins the Fleet

14th of January, 2022

New drone Friday! By no means a regular occurrence, but we're excited to get our hands on this bit of kit. It looks great and will give us the ability to shoot video in 5.7k. This will make the promotional videos we make for our clients look even better. And the large 1" sensor will ensure a crisp and clear image every time. 





DJI equipment is always really well presented in the packaging and just works, for the most part. This is the fly more combo pack which gives us a total of 3 batteries and even some ND filters. This is new addition, but very welcome as they're a must for videography. 

The first step is always reading the manul. So, while everything's charging that's what I'm off to do. Along with some of the wife's delicious pasta bake. This aircraft is equipped with an ADS-B function, which is a satellite tracking facility for aircraft. This hould give us integration with air traffic control and even other aircraft. More to follow once I've read up on it. 









Here's the final unboxing. Looks good, like the Porsche SUV, and you can see the maount of stuff there is in the box. Omitted for space is the charger and all the spare blades. 

Loads of things to play with, so now all we need is a patch of nice weather to put this through it's paces.