Survey & Inspection

drone training courses

For carrying out inspections on hard to reach or hazardous areas, drones are fast becoming the go to option for many companies.

Our drones can carry out detailed, high resolution inspections in a fraction of the time and with greatly improved safety margins over more traditional methods.

Using drones is a cost effective solution to your inspection needs and Blue Giraffe Imaging is here to help you realise those savings.

drone training courses

From property factors to major infrastructure Blue Giraffe Imaging can help with progress reports, comparison surveys, time-lapse photography of a construction site and much more.

Our drone aircraft can cover large areas in a single flight and provide high resolution video or still images for later analysis. Data can be supplied for building 3D models of a site or large scale orthomosaic maps to better visualise a project. Blue Giraffe Imaging can also supply 360° panoramic images to give a fully immersive look at a project.

drone training courses

Contact us for more information. Full and half day rates are available, or we can build a bespoke package to suit your needs.

All flights are subject to thorough flight planning and risk assessment and will be insured to a minimum public liability of £2 million. All flights are weather permitting. Copies of all documentation and flight plans are available to view on request.