drone training courses

Blue Giraffe Imaging is your end-to-end solution for commercial drone training in Glasgow and the rest of the UK.

Are you’re thinking of becoming a commercial drone operator? Do you want to fly drones as a hobby, but need a little help getting started? We are your one-stop-shop for all your drone training needs. We can take you from novice to commercial operator or give you the confidence to fly your aircraft as a hobbyist.

Become a commercial drone operator. We are now offering our brand new General Visual line-of-sight Certificate (GVC) course, in partnership with Consortiq. The GVC is replacing the current Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) as of 1st November 2020 but, with our course, you receive a full category PfCO recommendation as well as the new GVC qualification. You will be able to operate legally until the regulation change and beyond.

Join us for our instructor led courses in a classroom, at your own business premises or remotely online. However you want to learn, we can accommodate.

No experience necessary. We will take you from novice to professional operator and support you through the whole process. We will ensure you have the right tools to be confident and safe to operate in the drone industry and the UK’s airspace.

Our industry leading drone training package is powered by Consortiq, one of the biggest training providers in the UK and US.

drone training courses

Get ready for your flight assessment with our pilot training packages.

As recognised flight instructors we can help you improve your skills and confidence, ready for your flight assessment.

With our dual control aircraft we will be at your side to look after you at all times during the flight.

You can relax and learn in a stress free environment without worrying about your own aircraft.

Have your own drone? Bring it with you and we’ll take you through a mock assessment so you’ll know what to expect.

drone training courses
drone training courses

Looking for an unusual gift idea?

Our flight training packages aren’t just for training commercial drone operators. If you’re looking for an unusual gift idea or want to learn to fly a drone before buying one, we can help.

Learn at your own pace in a stress free, friendly environment on our dual control aircraft.

With an instructor with you at all times you can be confident you’re in good hands knowing they’re there looking after you.

Bring your own drone. We’ll help you set it up, show you how operate it and how to get the most out of it with some hints and tips for creative flying.

We have the credibility and experience required to ensure you can fly your drone safely, whether for fun or professionally.