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Why do I need a PfCO?

Drones are legally defined as aircraft, so anyone wishing to receive any kind of financial remuneration for their flying requires permission from the CAA.

There are a number of steps to take before you receive your coveted drone permission. We are here to guide you through all those steps and support you on your way to becoming a professional operator.


You will need to attend a course and pass a theory exam before being recommended to the CAA by a registered National Qualifying Entity (NQE). No flying experience is needed to attend the theory course.

Operations Manual

The Ops Manual, or OM, is a pre-requisite of your application to the CAA. It lays down what kind of operations you will be carrying out and how you will do them.

Don't worry, we're here to guide you through the process. You can write your own, or purchase a pre-approved manual for the discounted price of £299.

Operational Evaluation

The Operational Evaluation (OE) is your flying assessment. Included in the price of the course we will be looking for you to bring together all you've learnt on the ICARUS course then plan, brief and fly a 'job' at an approved location.

The OE will be conducted as a real life 'job' with your instructor acting as the client. Once the 'job' is complete we will ask you to switch off the GPS and show us those piloting skills by carrying out some basic manoeuvres. So get out and start practicing!


Once the course is complete and the OE passed we will compile all the documentation and send it with a recommendation to the CAA along with the appropriate fee. Then, six weeks later, you will be the proud recipient of your very own Permission for Commercial Operations.

Night Rating

The night flying module is a specialist module designed to highlight the risks involved with flying in this environment. Designed by an ex-military helicopter pilot with 3000 flying hours it concentrates on operating safely and minimising risks during periods of little or no light. Candidates will carry out a practical exam on a night flying simulator.

Course includes:

  • Night flight theory
  • Simulator test
  • Aide Memoire
  • Online and telephone support
  • Student forum

What's not included:

  • Ops Manual (ICARUS Standard)
  • CAA fee (£173)
  • Insurance
  • Flight Training

Night Course - £499

What's Left?

Once you have successfully completed your OE the only thing left to do is send off your recommendation.

For this you will require the following:

  • The latest, signed version of your Ops Manual
  • A copy of your insurance
  • Insurance compliance form (if applicable)
  • A copy of your flight logs
  • Photographs of your aircraft
  • A completed SRG3120 form which can be downloaded here (for Pro candidates the SRG1320 will be completed during the course)

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