3 Day Intensive Drone Pilot Course


You have your qualification, now what?

How do you do a roof inspection? How do you shoot cinematic footage that makes your videos look epic? The answers to all that are in our three-day practical piloting package. 

Using locations around our Scottish castle setting, we'll put you through your paces and learn how to operate the drone safley and effectively to get the images you want. 

Linking back to your previous training in the A2 CofC or GVC qualifications, we'll take all that theory and put it into practical exercises to really cement your understanding of the regulations and how to get the most out of your drone. 

So, instead of watching it on YouTube, come and do it for yourself and use it on your own YouTube channel.

What's included in the price?

Hire of aircraft.
Use of multiple platforms to show how they differ, including FPV aircraft.
Focussed training on photography, videography, survey and inspection
Access to bespoke training areas to get intense, practical experience in some of the most popular disciplines within the drone industry.
A challenging, safe and fun environment to learn and hone your drone flying skills. 

£600 (inc VAT)
Start Time
3 days
Maximum Places
4 people

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3 Day Intensive Drone Pilot Course